søndag 13. juli 2014

Enjoying the super summer in middle of Norway. Here I am with two of my nephews playing in the fjord at 11 in the evening. We had the beach to ourself. All 3 will sleep well to night.

Happy summerdays


mandag 26. mai 2014

It`s a finsih

Last weekend I could finally sew the binding down on the blue and white quilt. 


and back.

Happy Quilting


torsdag 1. mai 2014

Still blue and white

I am moving on with handquilting. Starting to see how it will turn out.

Looks even better from the back.

Happy Quilting

onsdag 23. april 2014

lørdag 5. april 2014

My kind of day

My favorite way to spend a day. And a lot of progress has been made.

Some of the finest blue and white fabrics being turned into lots of blocks. Having fun in my new sewing corner in my bedroom.

What a great day it has been.

Happy Quilting

fredag 14. mars 2014


Keeping my attention on this top is my main focus these weeks.
It is a pattern from Sue Daley. It is called "Pies and Tarts".
Method is EPP and handapplique. Blocks are sewn together by machine.

Happy Quilting

torsdag 6. mars 2014

A finish

Have finished the quilt for my mum.

Will be back for some more up dates soon.