fredag 26. oktober 2012


I am being a very good girl this year, and are now half way into making christmas presents.

Someone is getting breadbaskets

or bags and purses

maybe a scarf or clothes for their doll.

Gots lots more on the way.

Happy Quilting

torsdag 18. oktober 2012

It is all happening this weekend

Tomorrow I will have a talk about my life as a quilter at my loqal quiltshop

This my first quilt. It lives in my mom`s house. Borrowed on a promise to take good care of it.

It has a lot of designs from Debbie Mum in it.

Fabrics used are all kinds, from second hand mens shirts to designer fabrics.

Techniques used are all from handpiecing, foundationpaperpiecing, mashinepiecing and of course handquilting.

And also tomorrow I will pick up my new sofa. There will be no time this weekend to enjoy it!

Happy Quilting

onsdag 17. oktober 2012


This coming weekend I am starting my career as a teacher.
I will, hopefully ,teach some lovely ladies to do applique by needleturn.

Pattern chosen is this one. from Irene Blanck

Here are some of my blocks

Crossing fingers for a success.

Happy Quilting


lørdag 13. oktober 2012

8 today

Twins that are 8 today. They love to play soccer, so aunt just had to make them something related to that.

A bag with initials from their team and

their names appliqued on.

Happy Quilting