fredag 26. oktober 2012


I am being a very good girl this year, and are now half way into making christmas presents.

Someone is getting breadbaskets

or bags and purses

maybe a scarf or clothes for their doll.

Gots lots more on the way.

Happy Quilting

5 kommentarer:

Susan sa...

You are well organised for Christmas. Hoping to start a zippy bag production line myself soon.

Karen - Quilts...etc. sa...

very nice - I still have time to make things - I just never get around to it.

Oddbjørg sa...

Ja, det er godt å være ute i god tid. Jeg har også hatt jul i tankene ei god stund. Flotte ting! Blir nok mange fornøyde mottakere.

Hanne-Kristine sa...

Du har jammen kommet lengre enn meg!
Eg har laget 2.....

go`klem hk

Anonym sa...

well done you have a wonderful selection of pressies there.xx