tirsdag 30. august 2011

mised one photo in last post

I was in a bit hurry and this photo didn`t get along....

So long,


This is fun

I have made some progress on pies and tarts.

These pies has been appliqued on the background.
The following is next up.

I have not stitched the tarts, they are ready for fiddeling with the right color-combinations.

søndag 21. august 2011

Ohh, so many temtations....

I was originaly planing to start machine quilting one of the tops I showed in my last post.

But I could not restrain from temtation. Last month I signed up for å new BOM over at Kathrine`s quiltestue. It is Sue Daley that has designed the pattern.

So yesterday I washed the fabrics and got them ready for cutting.
And today has been spent on lots of cutting and gluing. I am having lots and lots of fun!

Have started to put the blocks together tonight. Each month I get enough fabric for ten blocks.

I am looking forward to see how this quilt will turn out.


torsdag 18. august 2011

Still working on my priority list

I have made some good progress now. Just look.

The blocks for DS quilt is sewn together. Just missing the last borders.

This top is ready for quilting. Have not decided yet if I am going to do it my self or send it in for longarm quilting. Some more thinking to do.

This is a top I made for DD, it is made the same way as the one for DS. She loves pinks, so I pulled out lots of them from my stash. It turned out pretty wild in the colours.

This top I made last winter. It is inspired from a quilt I found in a norwegian quiltmagasin, the designer is Trine Bakke.
Have been planing to quilt it on my machine. Are now getting the backing ready to get the job done.
I used a lot of old shirts in different colours. I really like the way it turned out. Will use wool-batting in it so it will be warm. Are looking forward to use it.

I made this top this spring. It is inspired from a pattern in "Quiltegleder" by Rie Norum and Hilde Aanerud Krogh.
 It has a cool feel to it that I like. I will do the quilting on this one my self. Just got to decide the backing first.

Thats all for now.


søndag 14. august 2011

A great weekend

Not much sewing this weekend, have spent most of the days outside. Friday it was time to get some more blueberrys, on the way home we pasted this young "to-be-king of the forrest"

Yesterday it was time to go to town and get some shopping done, are back to work on monday. Both me and the children need new clothes for the autumn.

To day was spent on the beach, we had a lovely time with barbeque and cakes.

I have this project ready on my cuttingboard for sewing the blocks together. The blocks are made with EPP. The rest is going to be sewn together with sewingmachine. Another BOM from Lappemakeriet. This is going to be DS winterquilt.

I have two choises for saching and cornerstones.

We`ll see what I end up with.
Time to get some sleep. early day tomorrow.


fredag 12. august 2011

Getting some more work done

Hi again. I said I was working on other projects.
Now I am putting together the blocks from a BOM I started from Lappemakeriet 1 1/2 years ago.

Most of the blocks has been finished long time ago, except one. Most of the fabrics are reproductions.

The one on top here was a bit tricky to sort out.
 I chose to use vlisofix and buttonhole-stiches. I know, the easy way!

 The rest of them was just fun to do.

 I loved all the different fabrics and colors, except the dark ones in the dresden plate. But there always has to be a odd block there to make it interesting.

The last block also includes both border fabrics.

All the blocks are now sewn together with the inner borders.

After a good night sleep I will get the outer border on.
Then the top will be put away for a while, I have not decided how I am going to quilt it yet. Some thinking to do here.

See you later


torsdag 11. august 2011

Busy days

This is my last week of holidays this summer. We are busy sorting out the house and getting ready for autumn. Kids will be back at school and I at work.
In doing so I have also been working on some ufo`s.

One top has been laying there just missing batting, backing, quilting and binding. ( Well there is more tops like that, but one have to start somewhere!)

It is made from a pattern called "icecream", from northern quilts.
Everybody in this house LOVE icecream. I did eat a lot of it while I was making the quilt. Now the children are getting tempted to eat a lot of icecream.

I decided to have the quilting done by a professional merete Ellingsen. And she did a wonderful job with it.

Here are some close-ups.

I am going to the shops to day, think there will be some icecream with me home!!

Here is the whole quilt, ready to be jused.

I have been working on some other projeckts too, will post about later.