søndag 14. august 2011

A great weekend

Not much sewing this weekend, have spent most of the days outside. Friday it was time to get some more blueberrys, on the way home we pasted this young "to-be-king of the forrest"

Yesterday it was time to go to town and get some shopping done, are back to work on monday. Both me and the children need new clothes for the autumn.

To day was spent on the beach, we had a lovely time with barbeque and cakes.

I have this project ready on my cuttingboard for sewing the blocks together. The blocks are made with EPP. The rest is going to be sewn together with sewingmachine. Another BOM from Lappemakeriet. This is going to be DS winterquilt.

I have two choises for saching and cornerstones.

We`ll see what I end up with.
Time to get some sleep. early day tomorrow.


3 kommentarer:

Lori sa...

All of the star blocks are lovely. The quilt is going to be fantastic!

Hanne sa...

Så gøy å se dine stjerneblokker :-) De er skikkelig ine!

Hanne sa...

Fine skulle det stå :-)