torsdag 11. august 2011

Busy days

This is my last week of holidays this summer. We are busy sorting out the house and getting ready for autumn. Kids will be back at school and I at work.
In doing so I have also been working on some ufo`s.

One top has been laying there just missing batting, backing, quilting and binding. ( Well there is more tops like that, but one have to start somewhere!)

It is made from a pattern called "icecream", from northern quilts.
Everybody in this house LOVE icecream. I did eat a lot of it while I was making the quilt. Now the children are getting tempted to eat a lot of icecream.

I decided to have the quilting done by a professional merete Ellingsen. And she did a wonderful job with it.

Here are some close-ups.

I am going to the shops to day, think there will be some icecream with me home!!

Here is the whole quilt, ready to be jused.

I have been working on some other projeckts too, will post about later.


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Lori sa...

It is such a sweet quilt! Enjoy your ice cream.