lørdag 3. januar 2015

Stars and hexies

This is a slow progressing quilt.
It is sewn with EPP.

Been spending lots of time and thought on selecting fabrics to get the look I want.

It is not a finished top yet. Some thinking is needed before I continue sewing on it. So it is put back in its box for now.

Happy Quilting

fredag 2. januar 2015

Great ambitions

Bought the pattern for this adventcalendar a year ago.

Had ambitions to finish it by desember 2014, but other temptations got in the way!
This is as far as I got.

It is on the list to be finished for this years desember.

Happy Quilting

A new Year with lot of possibilites

A busy holiday is over. Have had some happy days with family and lots of good food.
Last year was a good one.
 A lot of the time was spent working on quilting projects. I have not been blogging about most of these, so that is what I will do something about the fist days of the new year.

I have had a desire to one day make a quilt inspired by Jane Austen coveret. Last summer I thought it was about time to do just that.

I had this book already, got the templates for EPP and some fabric and brought it with me on my summer holiday.

This is what I had time to sew in the best summer days in years.

Happy new Year and happy quilting