søndag 30. desember 2012

Something I am very good at...

is to start a new project!!
Not very good at get it finished.

Here is what I have been up to over the christmas week.

Cutting lots of squares

EPP shapes ready to be sewn together

Had to lay out some to see it will turn out.
Happy so far.

Happy Quilting and a Happy New Year to all friends and family.


mandag 24. desember 2012

Merry Christmas

I wish all of my friends a happy and safe christmas

And we are ready to celebrate

Happy Quilting


lørdag 22. desember 2012

Catching up

Flu is about to leave my body. And energy is slowly tunring back.

Today has been spent with my DD and her cousin. They wanted to play with my fabrics and sewingmachine.

So this was my livingroom today. Girls are fabric lovers just like me!!

During the process of making....... lots of mess.

Ending up in this

Two baby quilts and pillows are almost finished. Just need to finish the applique tomorrow.

Girls have been a blast to be with today.

But no christmas decorations ready yet.
Well, there is always a new day tomorrow.

Happy Quilting


onsdag 12. desember 2012

Cold, cold, cold...

The past week my main diet has been these!

I have got a bad flu. I have soooooo much to do, but no energy to get it done.

Have put my new sofa to a good test for comfort as well.
And it is alot better than the old one.

Still not feeling the best, and christmas is all of a sudden very close to happen.

Have a list longer than long of things to do.
My DD is 11 years tomorrow. And celebrations starts. We have a BIG family, so there is going to be a lot of cakes and sweets next days.
My mother was kind and helped me get the shopping done today.

And I have so many nice comments I would have liked to respond to as well. Sweat ladies, I will get to you when my head is felling better. I have been visiting your blogs, but not commented for some time. You have made so much beautiful things. Lots of inspiration.

But I can give away one of my secrets today.

My last post was some closeups of this

turning in to this

a round bag to keep my coffeecup in when I am going to gild meatings.

It was awarded with a price as well.

Happy Quilting

lørdag 8. desember 2012


I am working on lots of secret projects at the moment.
I guess I am not the only one!

Here are some sneak peaks.

Happy Quilting

onsdag 5. desember 2012


Keep your suitcase tidy. A girl at work ordered these.

Happy Quilting

mandag 3. desember 2012

Weekend with friends

Have  traveled lot this weekend.

Gathering up quilting friends to go to Oslo was fun.
Spendig time together crossing Norway by train.

We visited of course some of our favorite shops.

Kathrines Quiltestue

Bærums Verk og Lappemakeriet

And having great meals together.

Solfrid, Grete, Lisbeth and Anne Mette
Inger Lise, Berit and Trude
Anne Mette, Hege and Sølvi
Trude and Bente

Lots and lots of fun.

Happy Quilting