mandag 26. september 2011


My little sister are not little anymore. She is now 40, and we had a big party for her this weekend.
Here is the quilt I could not show earlier, that I made for her

Wish you all a happy autumn


onsdag 21. september 2011

I am so lucky

A couple of months ago I was so lucky to win a draw at LA Quilter.
She gave me a $ 50 gift voucher at fat quarter

I have stalked the postwoman for weeks now, waiting for the parcel to arrive.
To day it happened.

This is what I ordered:

It is 16 FQ of "Peony Sweet Emilie" designed by Jo Morton
I love the colours.

Thank  you sooooo very much,  Vicki.

Last night I finished these "wrist-warmers"
They will be nice to have when the cold winter arrives in a couple of months.

For information about the yarn I used, contact Siw at quiltgården.

I am off to plan the project for my new fabrics.....

Jippi, I am so happy:-)


tirsdag 20. september 2011

Some old stuff

A cold and the everyday chores have got the better of me last two weeks. Not much stitching going on.
I have signed on for SSCS 2011 by chooky. Have been checking out my partner, and am thinking a lot of what to make for her. Have started making the present, but can`t show it, it is a secret!

I am a new blogger, but I have been a quilter for some years now. Thought I would show some photos of some old stuff.

This is a quilt I made for DD and her dolls. She has now grown out of "pink princess". But her favorite doll still has it on her bed.

The quilt is handquilted and embillished with beeds.

I love to drink coffee...

Still like the fabrics. Have no room on my walls to hang it up, so it is kept in a cabinet.

This is a small one I use as a tablerunner.

This quilt is the first single bed quilt I finished.  It is handquilted.

Have a quilty day,

torsdag 8. september 2011

A Southern Star update

This morning i finished the last one. Have taken photos of all I have made during the summer. So here we go....

The fabric under the blocks is the one I will use as background. I bought it at my local quiltshop Quiltegården. last week. There is not much left of that fabric in the shop! Need alot to make this quilt as I am making it longer than the pattern says.
Now I am on to cutting fabric and prepering to applique the stars. Have not made many sircles to go on the stars, and there is the leaves on the borders to do too.
 I usually keep most scraps from projects, and some of them has gone in to this quilt. There is plenty of scraps waiting to be cut.
I look forward to keep work on it now when the autumn-rain sets in.

happy autumn


A secret

Have finished a quilt.

This is the back of it. Can`t show more now because it will be a present for a very special girl.