onsdag 21. september 2011

I am so lucky

A couple of months ago I was so lucky to win a draw at LA Quilter. blogspot.com.
She gave me a $ 50 gift voucher at fat quarter shop.com.

I have stalked the postwoman for weeks now, waiting for the parcel to arrive.
To day it happened.

This is what I ordered:

It is 16 FQ of "Peony Sweet Emilie" designed by Jo Morton
I love the colours.

Thank  you sooooo very much,  Vicki.

Last night I finished these "wrist-warmers"
They will be nice to have when the cold winter arrives in a couple of months.

For information about the yarn I used, contact Siw at quiltgården.

I am off to plan the project for my new fabrics.....

Jippi, I am so happy:-)


2 kommentarer:

Vicky sa...

You're quite welcome! It looks like you had a ton of fun shopping! Fabulous fabrics!

Anonym sa...

lovely fabrics