tirsdag 20. september 2011

Some old stuff

A cold and the everyday chores have got the better of me last two weeks. Not much stitching going on.
I have signed on for SSCS 2011 by chooky. Have been checking out my partner, and am thinking a lot of what to make for her. Have started making the present, but can`t show it, it is a secret!

I am a new blogger, but I have been a quilter for some years now. Thought I would show some photos of some old stuff.

This is a quilt I made for DD and her dolls. She has now grown out of "pink princess". But her favorite doll still has it on her bed.

The quilt is handquilted and embillished with beeds.

I love to drink coffee...

Still like the fabrics. Have no room on my walls to hang it up, so it is kept in a cabinet.

This is a small one I use as a tablerunner.

This quilt is the first single bed quilt I finished.  It is handquilted.

Have a quilty day,

5 kommentarer:

sewkalico sa...

You have nmade some lovely quilts!

Mona sa...

Just beautiful!

Chookyblue...... sa...

welcome to the SSCS..........it is lovely to see some of the things you have made........

Susan sa...

Love the stars! It is fun to look back on old projects and enjoy our quilting journey. Thanks for joining my blog.

Ulla sa...

So many lovely quilts!