onsdag 3. august 2011


We`ve had some lovely days in my part of the world. They have been spent on the beach or in the woods picking some blueberry. My favorite is blueberrypai with sour cream.

Have also found time to take photos of some progress.

This quilt will be 92" square. Have made most of the bits ready to stich. These photos shows one side. There will also be a square in the midle.
I have made 104 hexagon-flowers, 88 rosettes, 44 dollies, many hearts and sircles as well.
I am using my favorite color red and white. The fabrics are from large pieces to small scraps. It is a fun quilt to make.

Hope for some more sunny days.


7 kommentarer:

Lori sa...

It is beautiful! You have made a lot of progress.

Hanne sa...

It will be exciting to follow the progress on this quilt! It looks good :-)

Solveig sa...

Så lekkert! Veldig lekkert! ;o)

LuAnn sa...

I love the border that looks like little dolls. The red and white is going to be so pretty. It will be a beautiful quilt.

Siv sa...

Hei! Så mye fint du lager! Jeg legger meg til som følger og kommer tilbake og ser mer senere. :o)

Sue-Anne sa...

Hi Ann-Mari, I love your Swan Lake in the red and white. It looks fantastic and I can't wait to see more.

Do you realise you are set to "no reply" which means I can't reply to your comment?

supergoof sa...

Yes! There they are!
The Dancing Dollies look gorgeous in their red dresses!