fredag 4. november 2011


The pattern is called "Gåsemor" in Norwegian, and is designed by Rie Norum.
It is a quilt I am handquilting. It takes some time to get done. Specially because I find so many other tempting projects to start on!!

I love handquilting, and would handquilt all my quilts if I knew I would have nine lives like the cat!!
But I do pick out some quilts to handquilt. Others I quilt on my machine or send  off to a professional.

This post is a response to a call for handquilters from Caron at
I will also ad a button to link to this call in my blog.


6 kommentarer:

Maureen sa...

I love hand quilting too. There are to many quilts I want to make though, to hand quilt them all. I did do a little hand quilting this week, but I'm very slow. Your quilt is lovely - beautiful stitches.

AnitaS sa...

I think handquilted quilts have something special. But it is so timeconsuming. The most beautiful I do by hand.

Sølvi's blog sa...

Hei - koselig å møte deg igjen i går. Nå har jeg lagt bloggen din til favorittlista mi. Mye fint å se hos deg.

supergoof sa...

Hi Ann-Mari, I like this pattern, especially the flying geese!!!

Noela sa...

I love hand quilting too. Just wish I had more time to spend doing it. Love your blocks.

audrey sa...

i love your fan quilting! it's one of my favorites.