søndag 15. januar 2012

It`s a hard life...

... for a applique needle!

being bent in all kinds of directions.  Making the dollies demands hard work both from me and my tools.

Looking good all dressed in red, and ready for the intricate dancing steps.

This is not what I had planed to do this weekend, but that`s the way it is sometimes :o)


5 kommentarer:

Heges quilte- og strikkeblogg sa...

Hmm - dette ser spennende ut. Herlige røde stoffer. Vi ses i morra :-)

AnitaS sa...

I love your red dollies. Very nice with the lace.

Misemor sa...

En bra syssel for ei helg dette da. =) Kjempesøt danseengel!
Ha en fin dag. Klem ToneB

Sue-Anne sa...

Your dollies are looking fantastic! I love the red and yes, I have bent a few needles too.

LuAnn sa...

I just love your dollies in red. Beautiful!