lørdag 9. juni 2012

A birthday quilt

Today we went to a party celebrating a lovely girl turning 20.
I made her a quilt.

I used Tilda fabrics, in 7" squares. It is about 56" x 84".
It is quilted on my machine, in the ditch. There is no batting, just a green fleece on the back.
Witch makes the quilt soft and light.
Birthday girl made the impression she liked it.
Here is a close up.

I ALWAYS prewash fabrics. I also was quilts when they are finished, and before they get used.
So that is what I did with this quilt as well. I also put a colour catcher in with it.
Here is what it cought this time....

The quilt could have ended up alot more pink than attended!
I will keep prewashing all fabrics I buy.

Happy quilting


4 kommentarer:

Hanne sa...

What a lovely gift :-)

Susan sa...

The quilt is a lovely gift. Colour catchers are so good, and a must for red fabric.

Anonym sa...

A beautiful gift. I have never used a colour catcher, what a good idea.

Misemor sa...

Det er en virkelig fin gave! Regner med hun ble fornøyd! =)

Det ble litt stille fra meg, og jeg er lei meg for at jeg ikke kom på Quiltegården lørdag den andre, men jeg ble syk og det får man ikke alltid gjort noe med. Nå er jeg frisk og rask igjen, da. =)

Vi blogges vel i løpet av sommeren, men ønsker deg likevel en herlig sommer med mye sol og varmt vær.

Klem ToneB