mandag 9. juli 2012

A new quilt on the way

A couple of weeks ago I started on a new project.

I am a member of a fabric club at Lappemakeriet. The box was now getting full.
So it was time to use some of them in a quilt.

Got started on cutting and sewing strips together.

Now blocks are starting to form.

A small pile is ready.

Will post more about it soon. This week is good for sewing, weather report says rain all week.

Happy quilting


6 kommentarer:

audrey sa...

I love that block pattern. Can't wait to see the rest of them!

Susan sa...

Love the start of the your quilt. Isn't it fun to start something new, and to be using up some of your stash. Have fun.

Haley sa...

Looking forward to seeing all the blocks!

Marit sa...

A beautiful start of a new quilt! Love your fabric selection from Lappemakeriet...
; )

Hanne sa...

I am looking forward to see your quilt progressing :-)

Tim Latimer sa...

Beautiful fabrics and beautiful blocks, it will be a great quilt!