fredag 31. august 2012

Jacobs ladder top is finished.

It was finished last sunday, but I have been too busy to make a post about it.

So here are the top. It is 72" x 90". I am planing to handquilt it.

Now I need to get  backing fabric and batting.

Have also been working on another top.
I bought this book earlier this summer, love everything about it. Just had to start on one of the projects in it.

One of my favorite blocks is log cabin. And this was so fun to make. I used Marti Michell ruler for log cabin. It made the block easy to make.

This one is nearly done, I have about five rows left to put together.

So back to the sewing machine for me.

Happy Quilting

2 kommentarer:

Susan sa...

Love your Jacobs Ladder top, beautiful fabrics. The Log Cabin is going well too . Look forward to seeing it finished.

sewkalico sa...

Jacob's Ladder is another great block. Well done on finishing the top!!