søndag 2. september 2012

Pimp my ride....

.... nope!

 I have been pimping a appron. DD has cookingclass at school this year, and was told she need a appron. We planed to make one from scratch, but then I found this old one hidden in a bag.

It had seen better days. Pocket where almost torn off.
We decided we could work something out of it.
I found some fabric and ribbons in my stash, and started cutting and sewing.
Here it is all pimped and looking much better.

And I have a very happy girl looking forward to school tomorrow.

Happy Quilting

3 kommentarer:

Susan sa...

Love recycling.

Dawn sa...

Great Up-Cycling! I'm sure she will cook some really wonderful things ;-)

sewkalico sa...

Very cool! Well Done Mum!