mandag 20. mai 2013

Scrapbins are full

I have two baskets that I put scraps in. Couldn't get any more in them, thought it was time to figure out what to do with some of the scraps. First I started to sort out the pieces, and put them in plasticbags. Strips will be used in log cabin quilts, odd bits for applique or EPP. Triangles were also put in a bag. 

Started sewing HST of the triangles. Squared them up to a 2" size.

Then sewed them in to rows with ten square in each row.

Then adding row by row untill I was happy with the size.

Added a green fabric for borders on each side and a pink one at top and bottom borders. 
The top is now ca. 21,5" wide and 25,5" long. It is put in the basket with other tops ready for quilting.
Now I am happy to say that the bag with triangles is almost empty.

Happy Quilting

8 kommentarer:

belarmina sa...

ha quedado muy guapo!!! y me gusta como a provechado las telas

audrey sa...

What a great idea! I hardly ever save my random triangles. Can see that I'm going to have to rethink that! Your little quilt is a perfect save for those leftover triangles.:)

Noela sa...

Lovely quilt top and all made from scraps. Hugs......

Deb R sa...

A lovely top I agree!

Dawn sa...

Sweet project!!
I always thin it takes more time than I think to make small projects from the scrap basket - godd for you!!

LuAnn sa...

What a beautiful little quilt. I even love looking at your photo of your scrap basket!

Butterfly sa...

There is so much creative energy in usnig scraps. Probably beacause what ever you make is a lot more random than what the maine part of the fabric was used for...

I really love your little quilt!
The colours makes me happy, and I instantly want to dive into my own scrap basket ♥

Have a great day!

Yvonne ♥

Karendianne sa...

Oh! i love this. Very charming.