lørdag 9. juli 2011

Days are flying

I have one more week left at work until 4 weeks of holiday.
Have been doing some stiching also.

Still making some more stars

There has been some birthday-kids in my family. Made the 11-year old girl a bag for her little secret things.

Here is a close-up of the stichery

To the 10 year old boy I made a bag with pockets and the first letter in his name applied on.

Here is the front

and back

For the 5 year old , boy again I made a treasery- bag with stichery of a rabbit- pirate on it. The motif is a pattern from "Jordbærstedet"

Here is the bag

and here is a close-up of the motif, the cutest rabbit-pirate ever...

I have lots more photos of what I have been working on, it will be in the blog tomorrow.

Until then, have a nice saturday-night.



2 kommentarer:

Mona sa...

her var det mye flott. Lagt meg til som følger!Lykke til i blogglandia!

Anonym sa...

what lovely gifts for the kiddies,well done