søndag 10. juli 2011

A sunny afternoon

We have just had a small thunder-storm passing by. Now it is sunny and warm again.
As I promissed yesterday I have some more photos of what I have been working on the last couple of weeks. So here we go:

These are the last three photos I have of the stars, I have made more stars but have no photos yet.


Earlier in the spring I bought this book. I want to make the basket-quilt in it. I am planing to use some scrap frabrics to make the quilt. Do have a lot of that!
I love the way the baskets turn out, but it is going to take a looong time to finish.

This is another of my projects, it is "Night before christmas" of Crabapple Hill. It is lots and lots of stichery on it. I started on it last autumn and will be working on it for years to come I think!
This is the first part I have stiched, and there is lots more. Will show more photos as the work progress.

I have lots more quilts I am working on, but have not taken any photos yet. Will post more about those later. Wish you a happy quilty sundag.


2 kommentarer:

Solveig sa...

Her var det mye fint, og de stjernene falt virkelig i smak. :o)

Lori sa...

Wow! What beautiful projects you are working on!!